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Method 1

Keep cling-wrap on 2 hours after receiving tattoo

  • Dab tattoo clean with soapy water and diluted Dettol
  • Dab dry with clean towel
  • Very lightly cream with bepanthem

Wrap the tattoo every morning after cleaning it

Wrap the tattoo every evening when going to bed after cleaning it

Remove cling-wrap after 3 days of wrapping

  • Continue to cream 3 – 5 times a day for another 10/15 days
  • Place Sunblock on the tattoo when in the sun
  • Avoid training for the next 4 days
  • Avoid tight fitting clothing for the next month

Method 2

Aftercare with Opsite Post Op Skin treatment

(good for small tattoos and for tattoos in high traffic areas)

  • Remove from clingwrap from tattoo after 2 hours
  • Wash gently with diluted dettol
  • Dab dry with clean towel
  • Apply the Opsite Post Op skin

(ensure it is the breathable version)

  • Keep on for 1 day

(Please Note – Soak in warm water to allow it to be removed easily)

  • Remove the next day and gently wash with diluted dettol
  • Apply new opsite skin
  • Remove after 5 days
  • Keep applying bepanthem cream for other 10/15 days to avoid scabbing

Benefits are:

  • You don’t have to keep creaming
  • It is waterproof – to a limit
  • Keeps tattoo hygienic especially if you got pets