Learn Tattooing

Frequently asked questions:

– What can tattooers earn?
Tattooers can easily earn more than an individual with a degree. You can take home between R6000 – R30000 a month.

– Why should we learn from you?
I have over 7 years of creative creative experience.
I understand what my pupils are going through.
I’ve successfully run over 4 tattoo parlours.

– I’m not artistic, can I still tattoo?
Yes you can still tattoo.
You wouldn’t be able to do portraits or realism but there is still so so much more you can do.

– Duration?
8 Full Days

“Since Tattooing, I have not worked a day as I have fun everyday while providing for my family” – Regan Ross

– What will I learn?
We will have several modules.
Email us for a breakdown and timeframes on

– Where will we study?
In our Hyde Park Offices

– Will there be a test?

– Will I receive a certificate?